If you want someone you can rely on, we highly recommend David. He was great to work with: very responsive, organized, knowledgeable, and professional. Also, fun! We were first time home buyers, and David helped guide us through our many questions and was very patient and helpful as figured out exactly what we wanted along the way. We took our sweet time, and he was never pushy. He gave us the space to make up our own minds while offering expert guidance and insight. Since we found the perfect house, we’ll never have to move again, but if we do, we’ll be calling David.

– J & J


David brings great experience and insight to the process, which was really helpful for us as first time buyers (particularly in this wild market/global pandemic). He knew the right questions to ask us to get to know our preferences during the search. His advice on our offer helped us inch out 5 other buyers without totally breaking the bank. Plus, David is available any time you reach out to him, setting up viewings and answering all your questions. It is a pleasure working with him.

– E & S


While we were excited to be purchasing our first home, we also recognized that it is a huge undertaking and one that can easily turn into an anxiety-inducing nightmare. Throw in a global pandemic and the insane Toronto housing market and you could say that we were a bit stressed. Lucky for us, purchasing our first home was easier and far more pleasant than we thought possible thanks to all the help we received from our amazing realtor, David Nichols.

David is a true professional but what stood out for us was the personal touch he brought to every appointment. He asked us to picture how we would want our lives to be and focused his efforts on finding homes that matched our vision. At viewings he brought an invaluable perspective from his years of experience, pointing out things we never would’ve considered.

We truly felt that for David our house purchase was far more than a business transaction. It was about building trust and a lasting relationship. From the beginning, we knew that we could trust him wholeheartedly and that he had our best interests at heart. While this journey felt overwhelming at times, we always felt supported by David and we’re so happy with the home we found with his help. We can’t recommend him highly enough!

– K & A


David was referred to us by a friend, and he exceeded our expectations. We sold our condo and bought a house, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, which presented unknowns for all of us. David helped us expertly navigate through these uncharted waters with professionalism and honesty. Throughout the process, we felt confident that David always had our best interest at the forefront, helping us find the perfect home for our family that was within our budget, and that also provided a good long term investment. In all communications, we always felt heard and respected, no matter how big or small our question or concern. David will always be the most trusted realtor for our family, and we recommend him without hesitation to our family and friends.

– E & S


This is our second time working with David, and he has once again proved that there is no other option for real estate. While the idea of finding an investment property was daunting to us at first, as always, David’s unmatched care, friendship, and skill quickly calmed any nerves we had. He spent an incredible amount of time helping us understand this side of real estate: setting our expectations now and for the future, building a plan based on both our means and our goals, and assembling a team of equally lovely, thorough, and A-level experts. What we thought would be arduous and complex, David made the most enjoyable and exciting real estate experience we’ve had. And the fastest — which, when you have the immense pleasure of working with David, means it all ends far too soon. 🙂

– L & G


Having completed three different real estate transactions with David, I say with experience that David is an extremely accomplished real estate professional. All of my deals were completed with the utmost professional and respectful manner. David’s understanding of the local market along with his deep emotional intelligence is a winning combination that helped me exceed my expectations as it related to my real estate goals. Choosing David as your real estate partner is not only the smart choice, but the easiest choice you will make through this process.

– Paul


“Trust” and “realtor” aren’t two words I would normally put in the same sentence. The cliche exists for a reason! But I chose David when I wanted to sell my house because he inspired my trust right from our initial conversation. He’s a great listener, maybe the best quality one could hope for in a realtor. He looked for my feedback on how I felt the process was going, how he might adjust anything in the way we were communicating. He was collaborative and detail-oriented. Always positive, always straight-up. He’s a really nice person who puts a premium on making his clients feel heard and well-informed on every aspect of the sale through a naturally stressful experience. He was fully engaged and invested in the best outcome possible.

I recommend David to anyone who wants a real partner through buying or selling.

– Nancy


A good friend of ours highly recommended David to us. We had bought and sold a couple of houses before, but we had less then stellar experiences with our previous realtors. We were searching for someone who was a star and who would really care and be in it with us every step of the way. Enter David Nichols – pure 120% most awesome realtor ever. Hands down. No contest. From the very first phone call – we knew it was a perfect fit and that we made the right choice to look for someone who could provide top notch service. David is way way way more than a realtor – he is an incredible listener, super well organized, very patient, extremely on the ball, he has a vast knowledge of the housing market and always kept us in the know about every step and let us know what steps were coming next. His 17 years long experience as a realtor is unbelievably helpful – he has seen all sorts of scenarios in this wild Toronto market and he knows how to handle anything that could possibly be thrown at him. You definitely want him on your team. He is the very top of top notch. He way exceeded our expectations and we have brutally high expectations. #DavidNicholsRules

– Jess and Jason


David conveyed himself in a respectable, professional and trustworthy manner during the entire course of both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our existing home. Importantly, he was very responsive, with excellent communication skills and a very easy-to-work-with demeanor. Through the course of the process, David provided value-added insights that both helped us tremendously in the overall process, while relieving significantly much of the stress typically involved. Above all, David was true to his word in all respects. I’m pleased to say that the process was a big success for us, due in no small part to David: we found the house that we wanted and we sold our house for the price we were seeking. I would highly recommend David and his team – without any reservation.

– Walter & Mary


My husband and I decided to move to Toronto from Mexico City and neither of us were familiar with the Toronto market. David spent a lot of time educating us about the market and listening to our needs and desires for our new house. He also connected us with a complete team of mortgage brokers and lawyers so that we could bring about this very important transaction. David was very good at listening to us and he was very perceptive about our needs. He helped us figure out what we were really looking for and what factors we should value when deciding on the house. I am sure that we would not have being able to purchase our house in Toronto without David.

– Gisela & Michael


My sister and brother-in-law found David by chance, and we are so glad they did! My husband and I were undecided as to whether or not it was the right time to sell our condo and start looking for something bigger. David supported us through the decision to sell before buying, and even lent us his OWN furniture to help us stage! David is not an agent who wants you to buy just anything; he really strives to understand exactly what you are looking for and works hard to make that happen. Working with a fantastic mortgage broker and home inspector (both recommended by David), we succeeded in buying the perfect house, despite 7 other offers! He is never more than a quick call, email, or text away. Working with David has been great from start to finish, and we wouldn’t hesitate calling again or recommending him to anyone looking for a fantastic agent.

– C.S. & S.D.


I’m always surprised when friends and colleagues share their negative experiences about realtors because the opposite is true with David Nichols. David listens, really listens to what your needs are and works collaboratively with you. He is perceptive and operates with integrity. In this crazy market, David was able to negotiate the best possible deal for my family and we are living in our favourite neighbourhood of Toronto! I highly recommend David Nichols to anyone who wants to have the best possible experience with a realtor.

– L.T.


From our first meeting with David, both my husband and I knew that we had found the right realtor. He was professional, positive and very knowledgeable. For our new family home our wish list was quite extensive and we ended up looking at a lot of properties. David was really patient and organized and never made us feel awkward when showing us yet another property! Eventually we all knew when we had found the right place and David worked quickly and professionally to secure the place as ours.

When preparing our first home to sell, David had excellent suggestions and provided great marketing. He was very professional and respectful when negotiating the multiple offers we received and secured a great price well over asking.

Ultimately David really cares about the best interests of his clients. He worked really hard for us and we would not hesitate to recommend him.

– S.A.


I have known David for over 10 years and have had several real estate transactions with him. David is a very thorough & conscientious agent, is very knowledgeable about the Toronto real estate market and have always known him to give good advice. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend David to family and friends.

– J.S.


We met David completely by chance. We were moving to Toronto from America, and booked an appointment to view a listing on a whim. David was the agent showing the place. And while it wasn’t right for us at all, we all stayed there, on someone else’s couch, talking and getting to know each other for over an hour. We went in with zero expectations, and walked out with both an agent and, more importantly, a great friend. And it was because of David’s philosophy and approach to his profession: he truly cares.

David found the perfect home for us by finding out who we were as people. He understood the life we wanted to lead, which meant that the places he presented us — and the places he didn’t — were in service of that future, not the fastest sale or the coolest neighbourhood. We were consistently amazed by the effort, ideas, and real, personal drive to find the right place for us. Whatever obstacles the world of real estate threw at us, David went above and beyond to clear them. And the team of advisors and counsel David brought with him were equally incredible people, with the same flexibility and compassion.

In such a fast and competitive market, you need someone with the wisdom to maneuver it and the heart to do what’s right for you. We’ve met other clients of David’s along the way, and they all have said the same thing we’ll say now: there’s simply nobody else but David Nichols.

– L & G


David Nichols is flat-out the best realtor I’ve encountered in my many years’ involvement in real estate. I’ve been a realtor, a real estate clerk, and a real estate lawyer (as well as a buyer-and-seller of many homes over forty years), and I’d be willing to say that David is the most conscientious and knowledgeable realtor in the GTA. He has acted on all my family’s purchases and sales to our entire satisfaction. Before I retired as a lawyer, I would refer clients to David without hesitation. I wouldn’t have anyone else act for me as my realtor.

– D.M.


David helped find me the perfect first home. He was very professional, listened carefully to my requirements and showed me a range of spaces. He also suggested an area I hadn’t considered, which was where I found the place I’d been looking for! He made it a fun and exciting experience. David truly cares about his clients and about making a positive impact in the world through his work. I highly recommend him!

– Y.A.


I had a great experience working with David. He was responsive to my criteria for a purchase, but took the time to get to know me so that he could make excellent suggestions outside what I initially considered. He was prompt and succinct in his communications and went above and beyond my expectations when it came to helping me settle into my new home. I have already recommended him to my friends.

– M.T.


We first met David in 2011 when he helped us search for and eventually buy a condo after downsizing from our home of 21 years. Over the past 3 years we have been in regular contact as he oversaw the renters and finally the sale of a second condo in the area.

David is both professional and engaging. He took the time to get a sense of us, our lifestyle, what we wanted, and what we hoped for. He was realistic about what was available in the market and what we would find in our price range when we bought and what we could expect when we sold. He was very responsive and if there were differences, he would talk them through. He listened and responded truthfully. Clearly his goal is to make his client authentically happy.

We are very happy with David and have come through the stress of the purchase of one condo and the sale of another, not only pleased with the outcome, but also having some fun in the process.

– C.D. & W.S.


David is a fantastic agent! He really knows how to zero in on your needs as a client. He continues to build the relationship with his clients long after the sale is done. We found the perfect property so I can work from home.

Will certainly be speed dialing David when I’m ready to sell or buy again!

– F.S.


David was a fantastic agent to work with. Being first time home buyers we had a lot of questions and David was always quick to respond. He provided great advice and counsel throughout the entire process. He went above and beyond to ensure our interests were taken care of, referred great support (solicitor and movers), and ultimately made sure we were happy with every interaction. We couldn’t have asked for a better agent to work with and we would recommend him to friends and family.

– C.C. & G.M.